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    Aluminium Doors and Windows

    Aluminium Doors And Windows? Second Hand & New Building Materials

    If you are building or renovating and you're looking for great deals on aluminium doors and windows, make sure you visit the Underwood Demolition Market.  We are dedicated to quality second hand and new building materials. Our family owned and operated business has been looking after...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors

    Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors? Large Variety Of Sizes And Colours.

    Aluminium sliding glass doors can be very expensive if you have to pay for brand new doors.  The Underwood Demolition Market specialises in quality new and second hand building materials.  We have been looking after customers in Queensland for over 25 years. With one of the...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Aluminium Sliding Windows? Bargains On Household Building Items.

    When you are searching for aluminium sliding windows in Queensland, visit the Underwood Demolition Market.  We are frequently acquiring large intakes of aluminium doors and windows.  These are very popular with our customers because they are lightweight, weather resistant, easy to...  read more

    Bathroom Fixtures

    Bathroom Fixtures? Quality Fixtures At An Affordable Price

    Buying new bathroom fixtures can be very costly.  If you would like to save money and still purchase quality fixtures, visit the Underwood Demolition Market.  We have one of the biggest selections of second hand building materials in the state. Customers from Brisbane and regional...  read more

    Bifold Doors

    Bifold Doors? Reasonable Prices On Household Fixtures.

    Buying bifold doors in Brisbane is easy when you visit the Underwood Demolition Market.  Located at 98 Kingston Road in Underwood, our business specialises in second hand and new building materials.  Our family owned and run business has been operating from the same location since...  read more

    French Doors

    French Doors? Bargains On Timber And Aluminium Frames.

    French Doors in Brisbane are very popular.  Stylish and ideal for letting in lots of light, these doors are highly sought after at the Underwood Demolition Market.  We have a great range of French doors which incorporate a variety of different timbers or aluminium frames.  We...  read more

    Pre Hung Doors

    Pre Hung Doors? New & Vintage Furniture Designs Available.

    Pre hung doors in Brisbane are readily available at the Underwood Demolition Market.  We have a fantastic assortment of new and recycled building supplies and other related items that are highly sought after by people building homes, renovating or undertaking other...  read more

    Roof Tiles

    Roof Tiles? Huge Collection Of Bargain Building Materials.

    Anyone that needs roof tiles in Brisbane is encouraged to check out the range at the Underwood Demolition Market.  With one of the largest collections of recycled and new building materials in Queensland, we have customers visiting us from throughout the state.  This has been our...  read more

    Roofing Iron

    Roofing Iron? Quality New And Second Hand Market

    When you are looking for cheap roofing iron you will find a great range at the Underwood Demolition Market in Queensland.  We have been specialising in used and new building materials for the past 25 years.  We are proud of our ability to offer a wide range of materials at low...  read more

    Security Doors

    Security Doors? Low Prices On Quality New And Used Doors.

    When you are considering upgrading the security of your home, the Underwood Demolition Market has a great range of security doors.  Brisbane customers appreciate that we can supply them with quality new and second hand items at low every day prices. Established back in 1987, we are a...  read more

    Stair Stringers

    Stair Stringers? Stair Tread & Pre-Fabricated Staircases.

    If you're trying to locate affordable stair stringers in Brisbane for your building project make sure you check out the range at the Underwood Demolition Market.  Our family has been salvaging quality build materials, vintage furniture and other similar items since 1987. Over the...  read more

    Stair Treads

    Stair Treads? Discount Home Furniture Building Materials New & Used

    When you are looking for second hand stair treads check out the stock at the Underwood Demolition Market.  Established in 1987, our family owned and operated business specialises in new and used building materials in Underwood.We are committed to finding the best products for our...  read more


    Timber? Source Our Quality Second Hand Building Materials.

    If you need timber in Brisbane make sure you visit Underwood Demolition Market.  We have a comprehensive selection of new and used building materials for you to browse through.  Our family owned business has been operating from the same site for 25 years.  Over this time we...  read more

    Vintage Furniture

    Vintage Furniture? Affordable & High Quality Merchandise.

    Vintage furniture is very popular for its unique style.  One of the problems people encounter is cost.  The increased demand for this type of furniture has resulted in rising prices.  However, this certainly isn't the case when you visit the Underwood...  read more

    Roofing Underwood, Roofing in Underwood

    Affordable Roofing In Underwood

    If you are looking for high quality roofing in Underwood  for an exceptionally reasonable price, pay the team at Underwood Demolition Market a visit. We have a great selection of the best quality roofing materials available, and offer both new and used materials for you to...  read more

    Timber Doors Underwood

    Great Quality Timber Doors In Underwood

    If you're looking for high quality timber doors in Underwood, Queensland, don't go past Underwood Demolition Market. We have a fantastic selection of timber doors to suit every frame, style and budget. Whether you are building a new home and require stunning doors to add the perfect finishing...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Know More About Sliding Windows

    Sliding windows are new type of windows that are increasingly becoming popular. They are now prominent in the houses of most of the localities. They have proven to be a good replacement for the traditional windows that were widely used earlier. These can be used in houses, buildings and other...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    The Basics of Sliding Doors

    The sliding doors are simply defined as the type of doors that come with the sliding feature. These types of doors are being used in homes, institutions and business organizations. Among all, aluminium sliding doors are the type of doors that are most widely used all around the world....  read more

    Roof Tiles

    Solar Roof Tiles For Homes

    In a place like Australia, using natural energy sources can become a boon. This is because the country is naturally very well endowed and it helps in making sure that the people exploit all their natural resources with ease. Though, traditionally, the people have been dependent...  read more

    Bifold Doors

    Factors To Consider When Buying Bifold Doors

    The reason behind the popularity of bifold doors is that they are beautiful, functional and very appealing. A lot of people are now opting for bifold doors in Brisbane. Certainly, they would also be your first choice if you are opting for a home improvement project. However, there are a...  read more

    Stair Stringers

    Opening Up Closed Stair Stringers

    Stair stringers used to be one of the most popular ways of decorating stairs. We cannot deny that they were solid and quite functional. However, with changing times, the closed stair stringers are now paving the way for open stair stringers because of which the stairs look new, fresh and...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Save More With Aluminum Sliding Doors

    Any homeowner who is undertaking a home improvement project is quite confused with the idea of using new doors. The new or modern home design ideas always suggest spaciousness. However, the old doors used in your house are not only bulky but do not provide aesthetic pleasures as well. This...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Advantages Of Buying Aluminum Windows

    Aluminum sliding windows in Brisbane have become the preferred window options for many homeowners these days. This is solely because of the number of advantages that this kind of windows bring to the homeowners. In fact, new home renovation projects are being undertaken in order to make...  read more

    French Doors

    Factors To Consider While Buying French Doors

    If you are planning a new home improvement project and wish to add French doors in your house, you should be congratulated. The French doors in Brisbane are one of the most beautiful, appealing and aesthetically pleasing kinds of doors that you would be able to get for your homes. They...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Sliding Doors

    Ask about the most popular home improvement trend and people would always tell you about the sliding doors in Brisbane. They are beautiful as well as quite functional. As most of the people are undertaking home improvement project in order to upgrade their homes according to the more...  read more

    Recycled Timber

    Recycled Timber Can Do The Trick

    The resources of our planet are slowly diminishing, because of which we would soon be in a condition to avoid using them altogether. Timber is one of the most important resources that we use. However, unfortunately, this resource is depleting at a rapid rate. If we do not stop here, we might...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Benefits of Purchasing Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Beautifying your home is not only about buying accessories. In fact, your building components play a more significant role in the aesthetic appearance of your home as opposed to household accessories. One thing that you can do to beautify your abode is to add a gorgeous door in different...  read more

    Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Why Your Home Needs Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Generally speaking, installing aluminium products in your property is a simple and cost effective way of enhancing its visual appeal and adding real value to it. Aluminium is durable, beautiful, and stylish. It is such a popular construction material because of the wide range of options it...  read more

    Bifold Doors

    Bifold Doors

    Bifold doors in Brisbane can give your building a fine-looking appearance that may be complimented by neighbours. They are a great companion for any building that is designed to stand above the rest. If you are looking for these doors, there are quality doors you can find to perfectly fit...  read more

    French Doors

    Beauty & Functionality of French Doors

    Boost the beauty of your house by installing beautiful French doors. These doors are popular in most luxury buildings because of their beauty and functionality. They just look beautiful from the inside and the outside. In terms of functionality, they bring more light into the house because...  read more

    Roof Tiles Brisbane

    Roof Tiles Used in Houses

    Building a house takes lots of efforts to complete it with roof tiles to be purchased and other materials. It will be a great start if you know where you are going to buy your roofing materials for your house. Those roofing materials have to meet the building standards. Quality and durable...  read more

    casement windows in Brisbane

    4 Good Things about Casement Windows

    A casement window is a very popular type of window that is hinged at the side and cranks outwards. Because they are crank-operated and are easy to open, they are most popularly installed on hard to reach areas such as over sinks, appliances, and countertops. This is one of the most popular...  read more

    recycled timber flooring Brisbane

    Be Environmentally Friendly, Use Recycled Timber Flooring

    In the past decades, concern for our impact on the environment has grown substantially. This is due to many factors, such as climate change across the globe and serious pollution of water and land resources. It has become clear to us that we do have a significant impact on our environment....  read more

    used french doors in Brisbane

    Used French Doors Can Be luxurious for Less

    Gone are the days when only the elite and those with disposable income were the ones who could live in luxury. A house is only as beautiful as its accents; what better way to convey such beauty than walking through a set of stunning and glamorous used French doors?   Underwood...  read more

    used roofing iron brisbane

    Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

    If you are considering putting a metal roof on your home or business, it is imperative that you weigh the pros and cons of metal against other more popular roof materials, such as asphalt and tile. There are several benefits and drawbacks of metal roofs fabricated with steel and aluminum, as...  read more

    stair treads

    Types of Stair Treads

    Types of Stair Treads If you are planning to carry out repairs on your house or wish to get a new home with stairs, you may find it necessary to get new stair treads. Whatever your reason for installing new treads, you will need to be careful when choosing them and, in particular,...  read more