4 Good Things about Casement Windows

casement windows in Brisbane A casement window is a very popular type of window that is hinged at the side and cranks outwards. Because they are crank-operated and are easy to open, they are most popularly installed on hard to reach areas such as over sinks, appliances, and countertops. This is one of the most popular types of windows in Australia for many reasons. In this post, let us explore the top 4 benefits of casement windows.

1. You Can Fully Open the Window
One of the best things about casement windows is that you can swing the entire window open. No other type of window provides so much open space when opened. When designing your house, you can choose this type of window if you wish to maximize the size of the open window. The only downside to this feature is that it is not child-friendly, particularly if the window is placed high above ground such as the second storey of a building.

The increased ventilation allows the maximum amount of air and light into the room, and even allows more fresh air to circulate in damp and dry areas of the house. Considering the high summer temperatures of Brisbane, casement windows can help cut the costs of powering the fun when it is hot.

2. No Muntins to Obstruct Your View
A muntin is a rigid metallic, wooden, or vinyl strip between adjacent panes of window glass. If you do now want muntins in your home window design, installing a casement window is the perfect solution to get a wide, unobstructed view of the outside. However, note that some casement designs feature dual-sash casements with strips separating the two sashes.

Casement windows really open up the outside view, an advantage that makes them ideal for installation on higher floors and on walls facing the sunrise, sunset, or a beautiful natural view.

3. They Bring in the Breeze
The hot climate of Brisbane forces many homeowners to consider the angle the breeze blows from when designing their homes. In most cases, though, the breeze plays tricks and may blow at acute angles, making it very difficult to trap it and let it flow through the house.

With casement windows, the open sashes can be used as leveraged flaps to funnel a passing breeze into the house. This means that the sashes can be adjusted to trap the passing wind no matter what angle it is blowing.

4. Improved House Security
Another top reason to install casement windows in your house is that they are very difficult to break into. Because the lock of a casement window is hook-shaped and is embedded on the frame of the sash, breaking it is very difficult.

Compared to other types of windows such as double-hung windows, which can be easily opened from the outside using a thin pry bar, casement windows offer better security especially when the lock is supported by locks on top and below where the sashes meet.

If you are considering installing casement windows on your house, these top benefits should be a reason enough to choose this type of window. Other great points are that casement windows are quite inexpensive and they come in a wide variety of designs and colours.