Bathroom Fixtures? Quality Fixtures At An Affordable Price

Bathroom Fixtures

Buying new bathroom fixtures can be very costly.  If you would like to save money and still purchase quality fixtures, visit the Underwood Demolition Market.  We have one of the biggest selections of second hand building materials in the state.

Customers from Brisbane and regional Queensland appreciate that they can save a considerable amount of money when they visit us. We understand that it can be very expensive renovating or building a new home.  We strive to keep your costs down by offering you quality second hand alternatives.  We also often have new items at low cost.

Exceptional Range

Our products are stored across three large onsite warehouses.  With more than 25 years dedicated to our family business, we understand what our customers are looking for.  We only stock building materials and related items that are good quality.

You don't have to spend hours trying to sort through piles of materials to find what you need at the Underwood Demolition Market.  We ensure that you can find what you need with ease.  Everything is carefully arranged and well organised.


Great Customer Service

The Underwood Demolition Market prides itself in attentive customer service.  When you visit us you will be met by friendly staff members.  We are here to help you find what you are looking for, whether it is bathroom fixtures or aluminium doors and windows.  If you need expert advice on the options you have for your building projects we're always happy to assist.  Our customers appreciate that we can offer reliable advice.

We Stock Quality Bathroom Fixtures in Brisbane

The Underwood Demolition Market has a great collection of bathroom fixtures. Customers can select from quality second hand vanity units in a range of styles and finishes.  We also have individual bathroom sinks and hand basin cupboards if you want to put together your own vanity unit.  If you need to replace taps or other fixtures, we have plenty to choose from.

We often have fantastic quality bath tubs and spa baths available.  Normally these items are very expensive to buy, but not at the Underwood Demolition Market. With our large range of bathroom accessories you're certain to find items that are perfect for your building project.

While you are looking through our range of bathroom fixtures you may also wish to consider some of our other products.  We can offer you fantastic deals on roofing iron, doors, windows, stair treads, timber and a whole range of other building materials.  We also have a wonderful collection of vintage furniture.  Don't hesitate to take advantage of the great savings you can make on our bathroom fixtures.  Call for quote on or visit us online today at