Be Environmentally Friendly, Use Recycled Timber Flooring

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In the past decades, concern for our impact on the environment has grown substantially. This is due to many factors, such as climate change across the globe and serious pollution of water and land resources. It has become clear to us that we do have a significant impact on our environment. There are many ways to reduce our footprint on the environment around us, depending on where we live and what daily activities we participate in.

Some people choose to ride their bikes to work instead of drive; others grow their own vegetables locally. However, many people do not think about what they can do to their home's basic structure to reduce environmental impact and improve the health of the forests in their country.

Underwood Demolition Market, however, is one step ahead of you, so no worries. We have come up with the idea of using recycled timber flooring to floor homes and other buildings around the Brisbane, Australia area. While using recycled timber flooring may not seem like it would make a significant change in your environmental influence, the following factors must be considered:


Stronger Timber
Older timber that has been recycled from buildings and vehicles is generally older and in better condition than newer timber. The high demand for timber and other structural wood has increased exponentially in the past twenty to thirty years. In order to meet this demand, timber companies have taken to cutting down trees as soon as they mature and turning them into timber.

Though this produces adequate flooring, the floors are not nearly as hard or strong as they could be and, thus, do not last as long and require more maintenance than recycled timber flooring.


Reduction of Deforestation
Our forests are incredibly important to our survival and to our wellbeing. The use of recycled timber will allow our already-scarce forests to survive and thrive for years to come. Along with this, trees reduce carbon dioxide emissions and create ecosystems for animals that cannot survive anywhere else.

Less Water and Fossil Fuel Use During Lumber Processing
Since recycled timber has already been cut from a tree and processed, the flooring only has to go through a light reprocessing process and then has to be shipped to site, instead of being shipped across country and then processed into useable timber.

The use of recycled timber greatly reduces the energy cost associated with building a home. Along with this, recycled timber is easy to reclaim and brings a lot of interesting history into your home. Imagine having floors made from a ship that had sailed across the Indian Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean a hundred years ago.

At Underwood Demolition Market, we sell quality recycled timber flooring that is not only beautiful and high quality, but which will also help prevent a serious environmental impact. If you would like to purchase flooring that has a history, reduces deforestation, and saves water while looking fantastic, then contact us today.

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