Opening Up Closed Stair Stringers

Stair Stringers

Stair stringers used to be one of the most popular ways of decorating stairs. We cannot deny that they were solid and quite functional. However, with changing times, the closed stair stringers are now paving the way for open stair stringers because of which the stairs look new, fresh and spacious. Let us not forget that 'airiness' and 'spaciousness' are two of the most important facets of modern home design. As a result of this, it becomes quite obvious that you would have to spend a lot of time and energy in removing the old closed stair stringers in your house. However, you must not worry. It is quite possible that you wish to do so in your new home improvement project. If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that at least a few inches of the stair width would be chopped off. You would need a new railing, a show rail, a box newel post and new balusters to get started.

You would first have to replace the newel. You might even wish to keep the old newel intact with your stairs. However, in that case, it can become quite difficult for you to make the railing for the new open stair stringers. The box of the newels is hollow on most of the occasions. Cutting off the newel post can help in some cases so that you can get a better overall look. This is why you should always chose a newel post that is volute friendly in its engineering. The box that is attached to your older newel post is only there for aesthetic purposes and has no real functional. If you are able to cut into tis box, you would find that the stairs have been glued to the floor. The newer houses with the closed stair stringers also have the Key Lock system which makes them more durable.

The process of making open stair stringers from closed ones is not very difficult. The real trick lies in making adequate provisions for cutting into the box. Ideally, you would have to move from the top of the stairs, so that the rest can come off easily. There is also a dummy wall that you would have to replace before you get your new open stair stringers. Remember, you would not be able to get any aesthetic value unless you clean the stairs properly.