Recycled Timber Can Do The Trick

Recycled Timber

The resources of our planet are slowly diminishing, because of which we would soon be in a condition to avoid using them altogether. Timber is one of the most important resources that we use. However, unfortunately, this resource is depleting at a rapid rate. If we do not stop here, we might soon run out of all the timber that we have. The environmentalists suggest that we must start using recycled timber as soon as possible. This recycled timber is made from reprocessing original timber because of which we get the same old wooden look and appeal without having to harm our environment. Moreover, you would also be able to save a lot when it comes to recycled timber. The only problem with recycled timber is that it is not a part of mainstream home decoration and improvement at the moment. As a result of this, there is not a substantial number of timber recycling units as well. However, the trends are slowly changing with time and soon, recycled timber would be entering the market with a bang.

So why should we bother about using recycled timber, if at all? Here are some of the reasons that would answer your questions.

  • Environmental benefits- the first (and an obvious) advantage of using recycled timber is that you would be helping save the left-over trees and forest covers from depletion. The trees can help in the reduction of carbon dioxide from the environment and would also help in making sure that no harmful greenhouses gases deplete the ozone layer.

  • Strength- old timber is always known to be sturdier as compared to new timber. This is because the granules of the older timber have had a long time to become thick and resilient. In case you are buying freshly cut timber from a nearby hardware store, you would be paying for a less resilient variety. The maintenance, therefore, would be very high.

  • Good for flooring- you don't really have to think about using reclaimed teak wood furniture for your new house. However, you can definitely think about using recycled timber for your flooring. It would help you avoid the usage of linoleum and even heavy carpets. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of this kind of wood is more than your normal freshly-milled wood. Hence, you would be able to get more advantages and that too at a lesser cost. As a smart homeowner, this kind of wood must be your first choice.